rainbow flag wavingDo Say Gay.

Citizens of Florida. We matter. We will not be erased. Our voice will be amplified.

Here, you have access to every school in the state of Florida at your fingertips. Say gay, everyday, until the law goes away.

Calling your reps and schools daily...Free.
Having a friend do it too... Free.
Every student and parent in Florida calling every day until they fix it...

P r i c e l e s s

Random number Call

Don't forget to call these people who are directly responsible for the bill.
They don't make the grade.

Senator Dennis Baxley -R (wrote the bill)
352-750-3133, 850-487-5012, 352-789-6720

Senator Jennifer Bradley - R
904-278-2085, 386-719-2708, 850-487-5005

Senator Doug Broxson - R
850-595-1036 850-487-5001

Senator Kathleen Passidomo - R
239-417-6205 850-487-5028 863-674-7122

Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. - R
305-364-3073 850-487-5036

Senator Travis Hutson - R
386-446-7610 850-487-5007

Senator Joe Gruters - R
941-378-6309 850-487-5023

FL Education Commissioner
Richard Corcoran 1-850-245-0505

FL Assistant Deputy Commissioner
Jason Gaitanis 1-850-245-0437

Ron DeSantis 1-850-717-9337

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